About our DIYs:
All DIYs that are created in SLOW DOWN YOUR DESIGN are proof that sometimes even 20 minutes are enough to create something beautiful and useful. They are here to give you ideas for creative, crafty projects that are good for you and the environment. On one hand, they are created with the idea of showing you how to step out of the fast-paced lifestyle for a few minutes, slow down your thoughts, and relax. On the other hand, they are focused on creating new things from the stuff that we all have in our home (old clothing pieces, broken jewelry, etc.) and that you can give a new life to, instead of discarding them. Because of this, they help reduce the amount of trash we produce and reduce our ecological footprint.
Our formula is easy! Creativity makes us happy, and our Planet A also 😉


The time needed: 30min
Our wonderful Marija Knežević has created this DIY for you. She knows her way around a sewing machine and says that she has been interested in crafting clothes ever since she was a little girl. She used to take her mother’s old dresses, and create something new, that she could wear. As Marija also gives sewing classes, she assured us that this is a project suitable for beginners, and she took photos of all the important steps.

Follow the instructions from photos below:

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