Workshop: Creativity meets Slow Design

Finally! We are in the field! Our green journey started on a sunny Saturday afternoon, in a beautiful Wien Stadtpark, where a group of young enthusiasts came together for the same mission.

Why did we meet on this 1st August’s warm afternoon? As you already figured out, we like to talk about the fashion industry and slow-design while crafting artsy pieces together. Painting headbands and making earrings, all with the motto of reusing, reducing, recycling, repurposing and other Rs were one of the activities we hosted.

Our first workshop fullfield its main goals:

● Raising awareness among the workshop participants regarding Fast Fashion by learning and mainly focusing on “do it yourself” creative methods of reusing fashion items and sharing/comparing experience among each other,

● Adopting specific handy skills and alternatives to avoid the tempting Fast Fashion offers nowadays.

Young people rolled up their sleeves and got to work. And they had fun too!

The best part of the workshop was the opportunity to witness the happy faces of the participants and the change happening in front of us. Colourful ideas were constantly exchanged and creativity was awakening. Random visitors of the park stopped to feed their curiosity. Parallel to the active participants we had small sessions on passing by. It was just like we imagined – we made a significant step toward bringing the wind of change into our community.

This was only an opening of our sustainable mission, a “Schnupperwoche” of a long process, which is in front of our brave team.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In addition to all mentioned, the videos and photos are the ones which will transfer the amazing atmosphere of our first SDYD Workshop: Creativity meets Slow Design. Just lay down, slow down and enjoy our pretty sustainable outcomes.

We are proud of our first group!
Stay tuned and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for future events. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Till then – reuse, reduce, recycle, repurpose 😉

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