About Us

Dina Ogrizović

Department: Green fashion is her passion!

Dina is our workshop and environmental DIY creator. She has been living the idea of environmental awareness for years and now, combining expertise with the other team members, she is able to craft a project where sustainability can be introduced into daily practices with ease, through creativity.

  • Content creator
  • Workshop facilitator
  • Workshop organizer
  • Slow design guru

Virna Hadžiosmanović

Department: Team spirit and “we can do it”

She is an enthusiastic youth worker and a proud nerd. Teaching is her passion and informal education is her magic stick with which she motivates young people from all around Europe. If you need some concrete advice on how to start your own Solidarity adventure, feel free to ask her! She will enjoy spreading the spirit of action among our society. Let us be the change and make the first step to a “greener” world!

  • Project management support
  • Communication
  • Event management
  • Good vibes

Vanessa Idna Somun

Department: Slow down but do it fast

She first experienced the activities in NGOs and love for youth work in 2014. Subsequently, she founded an NGO which aimed to provide young people with informal education and bring them closer to various topics. Since 2019 she has been working with her charming colleagues on the idea of ​​giving something back to the world through the engagement on the project. The environment, climate change and society are issues that motivate her a lot and shape her everyday life. SDYD is not only a project, but also a part of her philosophy she would like to pass on to young people. It is a philosophy that brings a lot of love and creativity not only to the environment, but also to each and every one of us.

  • Logistics & Co.
  • Internal support
  • Networking
  • Insurance of good working energy

Dušica Pavlović

Department: Bringing people and great ideas together

With her tirelessness, her sharp mind and creativity, this Belgrade girl brought a wind of change into the topic of green fashion without which this project would be difficult to imagine. Not only does she take care of the environment, but also supports the entire team with her communication skills. The combination of Austrian precision and Balkan liveliness makes her a real asset to the project.

  • Communication
  • Media and PR
  • Networking
  • Loving Dinas dog 🙂

Matthias Mohrs

Department: Environment protector

Writing his master thesis about the adverse effects of industrial animal agriculture on the planet, Matthias specialized in green crimes. As one of the biggest polluters in today’s economy, the fashion industry commits crimes against nature and crimes against humanity on a daily basis. That’s why Matthias is dedicated to raising people’s awareness about the origin of clothes and strives to enable changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle. His dream is to make the world a better place for everyone: humans, animals, and the planet itself.

  • Expert consultant
  • Logistic
  • Green content author
  • Ambassador of sustainability

Ivana Vujkov

Department: Green policy expert

Ivana is looking at sustainability from a policy level, and wants to work with big companies and guide them to a sustainable business model. She is even writing Master Thesis on EU Sustainable Finance Regulations. In this project she considers the bigger picture, and keeps us focused on issues bigger than consumer practices.

  • Green policy maker
  • Networking
  • Finances
  • Logistics

Šejla Oštraković

Department: Healthy habits advocate

Šejla is the newest member of our team. She is a sports enthusiast and healthy food lover who has realized that, in order to have a healthy body, we need a healthy planet. Šejla stepped into this project with her drive to share knowledge, social media expertise, and her colourful, artistic side.

  • Social Media content creator
  • Sustainable lifestyle
  • Photographer
  • Spokeswomen